All About Landscaping Fabric

All About Landscaping Fabric

Read this blog to learn everything about landscaping fabric, like how to use it for preventing unwanted weeds, stopping erosion, & keeping everything hydrated.


Did you know you can use landscaping fabric to keep gardens, lawns, and rock or flower beds free of noxious weeds? Landscaping fabric is a type of natural or synthetic fabric, that is used as an environmentally friendly and toxic-free form of pest control. Make your thumbs greener by reading along as we discuss everything about landscaping fabric, from laying it down to how long it will last.

What Is Landscaping Fabric?

Landscaping fabric is a type of durable fabric that is used to prevent unwanted plant growth in flower beds, rock gardens, and lawns. Depending on how it is made, landscaping fabric can have different characteristics. Some types of landscaping fabric are woven and porous, while others are solid and impermeable.

What Is Landscaping Fabric Made Of?

Landscaping fabric is made from a variety of fibers and can be woven or processed. Common fibers used in the production of landscaping fabric include jute, polyester, and polyethylene. Landscaping fabrics made from natural fibers like jute are environmentally friendly, permeable, and decompose into the ground. Synthetically made landscaping fabrics manufactured from fibers like polyester and polyethylene are long lasting, durable, and can be made to be impermeable.

What Is Landscaping Fabric Used For?

Landscaping fabric is used as a physical barrier between the earth, and gardens or lawns. Use landscaping fabric to prevent sunlight, and sometimes water, from reaching the ground underneath the fabric. Without sunlight or water, seeds buried in the soil cannot germinate and grow into unwanted plants or weeds. Additionally, waterproof landscaping fabric will keep lawns, plants, and trees hydrated by preventing water loss. Furthermore, landscaping fabric can be used to mitigate soil erosion by stabilizing the ground and preventing water from washing away dirt.

How To Install Landscaping Fabric?

Installing landscaping fabric is quick and easy. First remove any vegetation from the area you want to lay the landscaping fabric down. This may include any grasses or plants. Next, clear the space from any debris like rocks or sticks, and ensure the area is flat and level. Now lay the landscaping fabric down and secure it with stakes or landscaping staples. If you are planting large plants, shrubs, or trees, cut a hole in the landscaping fabric at a desired position. Place the plant, shrub, or tree in the cut hole so that the roots can reach the earth. For the next step, cover the landscaping fabric with mulch, dirt, sand, or stones. Finally, if applicable, plant any small plants or lay down grass seed on top of the landscaping fabric.

How Long Does Landscaping Fabric Last?

Landscaping fabric can last anywhere from 4 months to several hundred years. The lifespan of landscaping fabric depends on what materials it was made from. Landscaping fabrics made from natural fibers like jute will start to decompose after 4 to 6 months. While this may seem like a short time, natural landscaping fabrics are ideal for helping plants, shrubs, and trees grow from a sprout or seedling until they are an adult and can survive outdoors. Landscaping fabrics made from synthetic materials are more durable than those made from natural materials and can last for many years without any maintenance. When using synthetically made landscaping fabrics, keep in mind that when planting any grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees, their roots will not be able to pass through the fabric.


Keeping a green, weed free lawn or garden is an easy task when you have landscaping fabric. Landscaping fabric is used to prevent unwanted weed growth and can also keep plants, shrubs, and trees hydrated, and prevent erosion to the earth. Environmentally friendly and free of toxins, landscaping fabric is easy to install and can last a lifetime. Create a beautiful and green, weed free garden or lawn by shopping our landscaping fabrics, online by the yard at wholesale prices.

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