Acrylic fabric is a group of durable, soft, and warm fabrics that are sourced from acrylic fibers. Derived synthetically from polymers, the resulting solution is dry spun and dyed to form acrylic fibers, which are in turn made into yarns. These yarns can then be woven or knit into different styles, to form Acrylic fabric. Being woven from synthetic fibers means that Acrylic fabrics are stronger and more durable than those made from natural materials. Acrylic fabric is also known for being soft, warm, and having a texture similar to wool or faux fur. Additionally, unlike wool and other faux furs, Acrylic fabric is more affordable, easier to clean, and resists damage from pests like moths. A final characteristic of Acrylic fabrics are their ability to display vibrant colors and patterns since the fiber itself takes dyes so well; these fabrics can be treated to be color fade resistant, water repellent, and mold resistant.

Use Acrylic fabric to sew comfortable and stylish apparel, make durable decors, and craft colorful art projects. Create stylish apparel like faux fur jackets and knit sweaters with Acrylic fabric. Additionally, indoor and outdoor decors can be made from Acrylic fabric like awnings, backpacks, and upholstery for furniture. Don’t forget about arts and crafts, use acrylic felts for crafting! Shop Acrylic fabric online by the yard or in bulk by the roll, both at wholesale prices.

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