Charmeuse fabric is a collection of soft, shiny, and lightweight fabrics. Woven from any kind of fiber in a satin-style weave, Charmeuse is made by passing vertical warp threads over four, or more, horizontal weft threads. This manufacturing process gives Charmeuse's face an unobstructed surface that is lustrous and smooth, while the back is dull and textured. Furthermore, Charmeuse is a tightly woven, lightweight fabric. This means that these fabrics have fluid-moving drapes when they're hung, and they can resist wrinkling by snapping back to their original shape if they're creased. Charmeuse fabric is a versatile textile that can be used for many applications. 

Elegant and luxurious, make apparel and decors with Charmeuse fabric. Sew breathtaking garments like dresses, bridal gowns, suits, and jackets. Additionally, use Charmeuse to craft comfortable accessories and undergarments like scarves, headwraps, and lingerie. Furthermore, these fabrics can be used as chic decor like draperies, bed sheets, and table covers. Shop Charmeuse fabric online at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll.
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