Habutai fabric is a sheer and lustrous textile that originated in japan, whose name roughly translates to "feather-two-layer," in English. Woven in a plain style weave, Habutai fabric is known for being made from natural silk fibers, but can also be sourced from synthetic ones like polyester or nylon. The thickness and weight of Habutai fabric is measured in mommes, and can range from thin and lightweight to thick and mediumweight.

Use Habutai fabric to craft a variety of apparel and decors. Make shirts, lingerie, kimonos, and other garments with Habutai fabric. Additionally, use Habutai fabric as lining for clothing and accessories. Furthermore, Habutai fabric can be used to sew decors like lampshades, bedding, and draperies.

Shop Habutai fabric online by the yard at wholesale prices.

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