Tweed fabric is a durable, coarsely textured, and insulating group of textiles. Sourced or blended from fibers like wool, cotton, or polyester, Tweed is tightly woven in a plain or twill weave style. This tight weaving process makes Tweed fabric able to withstand heavy wear and tear, in addition to trapping heat and regulating temperatures.

Use Tweed fabric to sew a variety of garments and decors. Craft stylish and long lasting garments or accessories like dresses, skirts, scarves, hats, and more with Tweed. Additionally, make elegant outerwear with this fabric like coats, jackets, and suits. Lastly use Tweed fabric to sew decors such as curtains, upholstery for furniture, and pillows. Shop Tweed fabric online by the yard or in bulk by the roll at wholesale prices.

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