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Duck fabric is a heavy-duty, hypoallergenic fabric with a slightly coarse texture. Duck fabric, also known as "duck cloth," is woven in a basket-style weave with natural, 100% cotton. Duck fabric is made either as a single fill canvas or a double fill canvas. Single fill duck fabric canvas is labeled by its oz weight per square yard, while double fill duck fabric canvas is categorized by numbers 1-12, No. 1 being the heaviest and No. 12 being the lightest. Duck fabric is available in its natural color or dyed in bold colors.

Duck fabric is great for sewing durable and stylish apparel or décor. Jackets, pants, and shoes are just some of the examples of garments that can be made with duck fabric. Additionally, use duck fabric to craft slipcovers, backpacks, tote bags, or for upholstery projects.

Duck fabric is always sold at wholesale prices. Shop duck fabric by the yard or in bulk by the roll today!

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