Chenille is any fabric that is woven, or partially woven, from plush, fibrous, and dense chenille yarns. Chenille is characterized by its piled or raised, fuzzy texture, which can sometimes give the fabric a subtle shininess. Due to the dense makeup, this type of fabric is generally durable and has a fluid, heavy drape. Additionally, fabrics can commonly feature eye-catching and uniquely textured Chenille patterns and designs.

The characteristics of Chenille allow this fabric to be used for a variety of decorative or apparel purposes. Use Chenille fabric to upholster furniture or sew ornamental pillowcases and cushions. Also, this fabric can be used to create elegant curtains, draperies, and wall hangings. Furthermore, some Chenille fabrics can also be crafted into apparel items such as dresses, shawls, and blouses.

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