Flax fabric is a group of breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics that have a stylish slubbed texture, get softer over time, and are used to make Linen. Sourced from bast fibers of the linseed family of plants, Flax fabric has been found dating back to the Greek Bronze Age. Naturally thicker in some areas than others, the harvested fibers of Flax are made into subbed yarns, which in turn are then woven in a plain, one-over-one-under, weave style.

Flax fabric has a stylishly uneven and softly textured appearance, giving it a unique, homemade look. Being made from natural materials also means that Flax fabric is hypoallergenic. In other words, Flax fabrics cause fewer allergic reactions in people than synthetic fabrics. Another interesting characteristic of Flax is the fabric's ability to go from having a stiff texture to getting softer over time. After normal use and washing, the fibers that makeup Flax fabric will break down, making Flax fabric softer over time. Lastly, Flax fabric is known for having high thermal conductivity. This means that Flax fabrics excel at transferring heat. These fabrics can keep you warm in cold temperatures, or keep you cool when it’s warm.

Use flax fabric for a variety of applications. Craft comfortable, flowy garments like dresses, blouses, shirts, and pants. Don’t forget about formal attire like suits and gowns. Also craft hypoallergenic and soft baby items like swaddles, bibs, infant clothes, blankets, and more, with Flax fabrics. Make elegant decors with Flax too! Decorate indoors by sewing luxurious curtains, table covers, and bedding.

Whether online by the yard, or in bulk by the roll, shop Flax fabric at wholesale prices today!

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