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Woven fabric is a material made from two sets of interlaced yarns or threads. Sourced from fibers of any material, Woven fabrics are manufactured on a loom, a device that holds vertical warp threads in place while a user weaves horizontal weft threads, locking the two sets of threads in place. This process gives these fabrics a diagonal mechanical stretch, but for the most part Woven fabric does not stretch unless it is made from elastic yarns.

Available in a variety of styles and colors, Woven fabric is a diverse group of textiles that can be used to create different items like apparel, accessories, gear, and decor. Easy to sew, create garments like shirts, pants, and dresses or accessories like backpacks, totes, and scarves with Woven fabric. Furthermore, use this fabric to upholster furniture, sew curtains, create bed sheets, and more!

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