Neoprene fabric is a durable, flexible, and insulating fabric that is foamed polychloroprene, (a synthetic rubber) bonded between two fabric sheets. The outer sheets of neoprene fabric can be woven or knit with any synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic. The polychloroprene center is available in two types, open-cell which is breathable, and closed-cell(link) which is waterproof. Neoprene fabric is available in a variety of thicknesses, with the thicker varieties offering more durability and insulation.

Neoprene fabric is also available without the polychloroprene center. Neoprene scuba knit fabric or super techno fabric is an example of a soft, spongey, and fashionable neoprene fabric without the polychloroprene center.

Being durable, flexible, and insulating, closed and open-cell neoprene fabric have a number of applications including wetsuits, fly fishing waders, laptop sleeves, mousepads, beverage coolers, and facemasks.

Additionally, neoprene fabrics without the polychloroprene center can be used for a variety of fashion apparel and décor applications. Dresses, skirts, and curtains are just some more examples of sewing projects that can be done with neoprene fabric.

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