DIY 50's Inspired Night Robe Sewing Tutorial

DIY 50's Inspired Night Robe Sewing Tutorial

DIY 50's Inspired Night Robe Sewing Tutorial

Ever feel like becoming the femme fatale in some of your favorite 50’s movies? If the answer is yes, I have the perfect tutorial for you. Become your very own femme fatale through creating this 50’s inspired robe.  When I watched these films I was amazed at how the women would present themselves. They were so confident and looked so great in their own styles that I had to somehow replicate them! I hope that through this tutorial you can become a baddie just like them.


  • This Pattern (
  • 10 Yards of Chiffon Fabric-Optional: Silk/Satin Fabric (
  • 2 yards of ribbon
  • 18 yards if feather boa/fur trim
  • Tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • Glue/Glue gun (optional)


6 hours




  1. If you’re choosing to print the pattern at home, you’re going to line all the papers up like shown below and tape them all together. However, I recommend getting the full pattern printed at your local printing shop. The ‘At Home’ printing option that the seller offers does not include the sleeves layout, but the printing shop option does. Otherwise, you can just self draft the sleeve!

    After taping and cutting out the front and back robe, we’re going to pin it to the Chiffon fabric. Once it has been pinned, begin to cut the pieces out.

  2. Next, we’re going to repeat step 1 with the sleeve. If you chose to print out your pattern at the print shop, the pattern will look like the paper on the left. You will need to cut the sleeve pattern twice on the fabric. Afterwards you should be left with four pieces. Looking at the picture on the right, we’re going to sew the two pieces together, following the red lines given. Be sure not to sew in between the red lines, this will be for your armhole. (Optional: Hem the edge piece of the sleeve.)

  3. It’s not seen in this step, however, we’re going to sew the back piece of the robe together. Once it’s been sewn together, take the ‘front robe’ piece and sew it at the shoulder of the back garment. Repeat on the opposite side. Afterwards, pin together from the waist down of the garment, like shown above.

  4. After step 3, your garment should look just like the image on the left. On the photo on the right, I recommend using the zig-zag stitch to sew together the front and back of the garments. With the zig-zag stitch, the garment will be very sturdy.

  5. Next, we’re now going to sew the sleeves to the rest of the garment. The photo on the right shows the sleeve pinned to the main bodice (the small yellow dots are the pins). The sleeve is obviously a bit oversized, you  can resize it smaller if you choose to. The image on the left is what the garment will look like after the sleeves and the bodice is sewn together.

  6. Finally, we’re onto adding the real femme fatale look. The fur trim is definitely optional. You can choose to stop at step 5 and just hem the entire garment. If you’ll be adding the fur trim, you can go one of two ways. You can first pin the fur trim to the garment like in the photo on the left and middle- and if your sewing machine is powerful enough to withstand the fuzz then you can sew the pieces together. If not, you can super glue the feathers to the garment. The photo on the far right is what it’ll look like once you have everything pinned.

  7. For my personal project, I chose to super glue the feathers to the garment. After you sewed or glued the feathers to the garment, you are finally done! Use the ribbon you bought as a robe tie!


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