DIY Palm Print Outdoor Pillow

DIY Palm Print Outdoor Pillow

A DIY Palm Print Outdoor Pillow Sewing Tutorial

As the Summer season approaches, it’s time to start moving your living room outside! Relaxing all afternoon with a good book and a glass of wine out on the patio is the best way to spend a beautiful weekend, but you won’t want to be out there for long if it isn’t comfortable. Fully upholstered outdoor furniture can be expensive and hard to maintain and store, so most people stick with some metal or plastic chairs that might not always be the cushiest option. This is where outdoor pillows come in!

Adding some waterproof, outdoor pillows to your chairs adds a lot of comfort value, and you can leave them outside without worrying about them getting wet during a surprise afternoon rainstorm. Pillows are also a great way to decorate because you can easily change them as often as you want. Since palm print is so popular right now, these pink and teal pillows made with waterproof canvas are the perfect way to add some color and comfort to your backyard hang out!

This pillow is a breeze to make. The pillow case is just two squares of pink canvas. To create the palm leaves from the teal canvas, create a stencil using some cardboard and then trace around it and cut out the leaves. Arrange them any way you like on a pink square, and then sew them on top. Just pop a pillow inside, sew up the opening, and you’re ready to relax! To make your own palm print outdoor pillows, just follow the instructions below.


Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy



1. Start by cutting out two 17” x 17” squares of fabric from your pink material. These will be used to create the pillow case.

2. To make the leaves, you will need to create a stencil of a palm leaf. Either free hand a palm leaf like the one shown on to a piece of cardboard, or search online for a simple clip art palm leaf, paste it into a document, enlarge it to the maximum size, print it out, and then trace it on to a piece of cardboard. Cut out the cardboard stencil. Trace around the stencil on your teal canvas to create 8-9 palm leaves and cut them out.

3. Arrange your palm leaves on to the pink squares and pin them down. You can feel free to arrange them so some of the leaf is hanging off the edge.

Using your teal thread, sew around the edges of each of the palm leaves. Cut any excess leaf fabric off of the pillow case. Below is how it should look when you are finished!

4. To create the pillow case, place the right sides of the pink squares together and sew around three sides ¼” from the edge of the fabric. Turn the pillowcase right side out and slip the pillow insert inside.

5. Finish the pillow case by folding over the open edges toward each other, pinning them together, and then sewing them closed.

And you're finished, here's the final product!

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Ginger Arnold

Ginger Arnold

Hi, I wanted to find out what is the best white, navy fabric you have to make pillows with for embroidery? Canvas?

Thank you

Hi, I wanted to find out what is the best white, navy fabric you have to make pillows with for embroidery? Canvas?

Thank you

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