DIY Starlight Sequins Jacket Tutorial

DIY Starlight Sequin Jacket

A DIY Shiny Starlight Sequins Jacket Tutorial

Laura here from Trash to Couture and thrilled to bring you another DIY you can make for any occasion but great for NYE festivities. It’s that time of year you can go all out when it comes to sequins and metallics. I always look for that extra shiny piece to wear. I also live in Colorado and a cover up of some sort is necessary for the cold New Years Eve. I designed this simple jacket with FWD using their Starlight Sequin fabric on mesh. It’s a beautiful sequin fabric that has a high quality look. Try this in one of their velvets too. 

Get started with our easy to follow tutorial below and make your own jacket this NYE.



Step 1)

Start with a basic bodice pattern. You will need front and back. I always keep one handy because I alter it to fit my design aesthetic by adding sleeves or altering the shape, etc.

Step 2)

Add a standard size sheet of paper to the pattern like I did in the photo to create the front flap of the jacket. Then fold up the bottom lined portion as shown in the photo. A little origami here.

Step 3/4

Fold the fabric in half and pin the pattern on and cut 2 of these for the front.

Step 5/6

You will need 2 more pieces for the liner of the front flaps of the jacket.  The liner is the blue portion shown in the photo. You can just fold your front pattern to use for this part. I used the sequin fabric but you can do a solid like their bridal satin options.

Step 7

Now you will need to cut a back piece. So in all you will have 2 front pieces, 2 liner pieces for the front, and one back piece for now.

Step 8

For the sleeves use a pattern or just create your own. A sleeve is basically a curved diagonal line for the shoulder. 

Step 9)

Pin and sew the 2 front and 2 liner pieces together as shown. 

Step 10)

When flipped out they should look like this. Press. 

Step 11/12

Finish the bottom edge by folding over 1/4 inch and sewing. 

Finish the bottom hem and top collar of the back. 

Step 13)

Place front and back pieces right sides together and sew at the side and shoulder seams. 

Step 14)

Attach the sleeve into the arm hole and sew. 

Step 15)

Sew up the seam of the sleeve right sides together. 

 And you're done! Style it with a dark colored top and let the starlight sequins shine all night! 

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Evelyn Olander

Evelyn Olander

I love this Jacket, very versatile for length and/or sleeve type. I think it would look great in a rayon batik.

I love this Jacket, very versatile for length and/or sleeve type. I think it would look great in a rayon batik.

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