Fabric Dictionary: What Is Organza Fabric?

Fabric Dictionary: What Is Organza Fabric?

Organza is an elegant & luxurious fabric that is shiny & sheer. Read this blog to learn about Organza fabric & how to use it for your next sewing project.


Organza Fabric is a lightweight, sheer, and shiny textile that is used add elegance and sophistication to accessories, apparel, & décor. Originally made from silk, today Organza can be sourced from a variety of fibers, resulting in a variety of different types of Organza. Due to the nature of the fabric, it can be difficult to clean but, with a few tips it is possible! The same goes for ironing and dying Organza as well.

Read along as we discuss everything about Organza, including how to buy the fabric at the best prices.

What Is Organza Fabric?

Organza fabric is a shiny and sheer textile that is lightweight and has a crisp texture and stiff drape. This fabric is woven in a plain weave style with unique yarns; each yarn woven into organza features two fibers, which are each wound in opposite directions. This special yarn makes Organza thin and drape stiffly, while the plain weave gives the fabric a subtle texture and a sheer appearance. While those characteristics do sound amazing, Organza fabric however is prone to wrinkles, tears, and other damages, since it is thin, delicate, and stiff.

When discussing the sheerness of Organza, did you know that the fabric is rated by its “Holes Per Inch” or “HPI” count? A higher HPI number results in a finer, thinner, and more transparent appearance, while a lower HPI count can make the fabric considered lower quality. However, there may be reasons why you would want a more durable Organza fabric.

Organza fabric has been the epitome of grace and sophistication for centuries, from bridal gowns to eveningwear. This fabric is commonly used in formal apparel, but also can be found in lingerie and costumes. Furthermore, Organza can be made into home and event décor like curtains, table covers, and gift or product, drawstring bags.

What Is Organza Fabric Made Of?

Traditionally, Organza Fabric was made of silk fibers. A luxurious and historical staple, Organza was first made from Silk in cities on the Silk Road where it was traded by merchants. It spread throughout the world where it soon became a desirable used for making elegant gowns and bridalwear. With advancements in technology, Organza fabric is now woven or blended from a variety of materials and fibers.

Let us look at a few fibers used to make Organza, in addition to a couple of different styles:

  • Silk Organza

    Sourced from the cocoons of various animals such as the silkworm, Silk Organza exudes luxury and elegance with its natural shine and soft texture. It is renowned for its delicately stiff draping qualities and has been a favored choice for bridal gowns, evening wear, and other formal garments.

  • Polyester Organza

    A cost-effective alternative to silk, Polyester Organza is a more crisp and stiff textured fabric, but it provides excellent shape retention for structured designs. It has a subtle, matte sheen and is more durable and resistant to wrinkling than silk organza, making it practical for various applications, casual and formal.

  • Nylon Organza

    Durable and strong, Nylon Organza falls in the middle between polyester and silk in terms of texture and drape. However, the chemical composition of Organza woven from nylon allows these fabrics to be more durable than others. Nylon Organza also has wrinkle resistant properties.

  • Metallic Organza

    Metallic Organza is a shiny and stiff fabric that is woven from a blend of metallic yarns. This composition gives Metallic Organza fabric a lustrous and luxurious appearance, and a very crisp texture.

  • Crystal Organza

    Crystal Organza refers to a type of organza fabric that has been treated with a special finish to create a more pronounced sheen and a crispier texture. It has a stiffer drape compared to other Organza types, making it ideal for creating voluminous designs and structured garments.

  • Sparkle Organza

    Sparkle Organza is characterized by its added shimmer and glimmer. It features tiny metallic or glittery threads woven into the fabric. This creates a captivating and eye-catching illusion that is guaranteed to take breaths away. Sparkle Organza is often used for special occasions and eveningwear, adding a touch of glamor and enchantment.

  • Mirror Organza

    Mirror organza is a type of organza fabric that has a reflective surface, resembling the shine of a mirror. This is achieved by applying a metallic or mirrored coating to the Organza, resulting in a striking and visually impactful fabric. Mirror organza is frequently used for avant-garde fashion designs and statement pieces.

  • Shot/Pearl Organza

    Shot or Pearl Organza refers to Organza fabric that has a two-tone or iridescent effect. This is achieved by using threads of different colors, in the warp and weft. This creates a beautiful visual of colors, especially when the fabric catches the light. Shot or Pearl Organza adds depth and dimension to garments, making them appear more vibrant and dynamic.

  • Embroidered/Printed Organza

    Embroidered or Printed Organza fabric features intricate patterns or designs created using various embroidery or printing techniques. This type of Organza adds an extra layer of elegance and visual interest to garments, accessories, and home decor items. Embroidered or Printed Organza allows for endless creative possibilities and unique customization.

How to Clean Organza Fabric?

When it comes to cleaning Organza fabric, handle it with care. To maintain its delicate and sheer qualities, check the composition of your organza fabric. Also refer to the care label or manufacturer's instructions for any specific cleaning requirements.

If machine washing is suitable, choose a gentle cycle with cold water. Use a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase for added protection. When washing Organza fabric only add mild detergents designed for delicate fabrics and avoid harsh chemicals or bleach. Alternatively, you can opt for a gentle hand wash in cold water.

Ensure that the Organza fabric is rinsed thoroughly before laying it flat on a clean towel to air dry. Alternatively, you can hang it, but it is best to avoid direct sunlight or heat sources. When in doubt, dry cleaning is always an option, unless stated otherwise.

Can You Iron Organza Fabric?

While easy to wrinkle, you can iron Organza fabric. First always test a small area before attempting to iron the entire garment or piece of fabric. Always use a low heat setting, and further protect the Organza with a cloth or towel. The trick is to iron the cloth or towel, and never let the heat directly touch the Organza fabric. If the wrinkles do not come out, you can try increasing the heat on the clothes iron. On a final note, avoid using steam, as it can cause water spots on the Organza.

Can You Dye Organza Fabric?

It is easy to dye Organza fabric! Depending on what material your fabric is made from, you may need a specific dye. For dying silk or nylon organza fabrics, an all-purpose dye such as Rit 8 oz All Purpose Fabric Dye can be used.

Rit 8 oz All Purpose Fabric Dye is simple to use, just dye the fabric in your washing machine. Dying Organza made from polyester fibers requires a more involved process with a specific disperse dye. Lastly, it is important to check the label of the garment or fabric and instructions on the dye and always test a small piece of organza first.

How Much Is Organza Fabric?

Organza fabric can vary in price, from extremely low to extremely high - it all depends on how it was created. Organza made from synthetic materials can be inexpensive due to the wide availability of polyester or nylon fibers, and innovative mechanical weaving processes.

Silk Organza, on the other hand, is more expensive because sourcing the fibers is time consuming and resource intensive. Additionally, Organza made from silk fibers have more desirable characteristics and are often handwoven, warranting a higher price.


In conclusion, Organza is a unique fabric that can be used in a variety of decorative applications. This fabric can be made in a variety of styles and from various fibers, each with their own distinct properties and care instructions. That being said, high-quality, lustrous and elegantly see-through fabric can be found at low prices by the yard!.

Shop this Organza Fabric Collection by the yard or roll, both at wholesale prices. Add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your next sewing project with a variety of our different Organza fabrics. Happy Sewing!

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