How to Choose a Cosplay Character

How to Choose a Cosplay Character

Cosplaying as your favorite movie, television, anime, video game, or comic book character can be overwhelming, but these tips can help you choose the right one.


Choosing a cosplay character can be tough, especially for inexperienced cosplayers. With a plethora of movie, television, comic book, anime, and video game characters to choose from, it’s no surprise cosplayers feel overwhelmed. While it helps to have an idea about which characters fit your body type or personality, read these tips on how to choose a cosplay character for an in-depth look into your costumed persona.

Set a Budget

Before you do anything, set a budget. Each character costume requires a budget to match. When creating yours, keep in mind the top, bottom, footwear, and accessories. The right cosplay costume might not break your bank account, but remember to keep it reasonable. Creating your own saves on higher fees that you would pay if you had someone create it for you. You can use that extra money later for headpieces, weapons, or other accessories, allowing you to add greater authenticity.

Know the Venue

Some venues have specific rules or regulations pertaining to cosplay costumes. Some don’t allow costumes that are overtly sexual or violent, including accessories like toy guns or plastic swords/lightsabers. Regardless, know the rules of that venue to avoid future issues. You don’t want to work hard to create your ideal costume and then not be able to wear it. Every convention is different, so do your research before deciding on a final character.

Have Fun

The last tip for choosing a cosplay character is to have fun. Remember this is your experience. Find a costume that speaks to you and your interests. Some people cosplay because they feel an emotional connection to that character. Others pick a character based on similar physical traits. On the other hand, some people choose characters simply because they like their outfits. Whatever your motif, find the right costume for you, and have fun with it. Since not every convention is the same, you can pick a new character or costume for every event you attend. Or, you can find a costume you love and wear it to all of them. It’s entirely your choice. Live it up and enjoy yourself doing it.

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