How to Make a Clown Costume

How to Make a Clown Costume

No Joke, this is the best DIY Clown Costume you will ever read. Using this guide, learn how to easily sew and create a fabric clown costume in 23 simple steps! Whether you are taming lions or just dressing up, this creative DIY Clown Costume will bring joy and laughter to all.

Project Description

Halloween is a magical time of year for everyone. Whether you are a cosplayer or a trick or treater, everyone loves and appreciates a good costume. To celebrate this year’s spooky season, I'm going to help you create the ultimate clown-core costume using the “Simplicity Sewing Pattern S8972 Misses’ Halloween Costume.”.


Here's what you will need!

Clown Costume Tutorial

STEP 1 Cutting the Pattern

Cut out the sewing pattern and fabric following your measurements. Interface your pieces at this step

STEP 2 Stitch Upper Edge

Stay stitch the upper edges of all 8 corset pieces.

STEP 3 Stitch 1 Side Corset

With the right sides together, stitch 1 side of each corset piece. (pattern pieces 1, 2, 3, and 4) Press each seam. Repeat this process for the 4 corset pieces.

STEP 4 Stitch Pin Corset Front

With the right sides together, stitch pin the front and back corset pieces together.

STEP 5 Shoulder Straps

To form the shoulder straps, fold the strap pieces in half lengthwise and stitch the edges together. Trim the edges, and then turn the garment right side out. Press the garment to flatten it.

STEP 6 Baste Straps

Baste the straps to the corset. Remember to match the seams with the side stitching on the corset.

STEP 7 Sew Boning

Follow Steps 3 and 4 above to create the corset lining. Add boning to each channel of the lining. Leave a 1” space between the raw edges and the boning on the top and bottom of the garment.

STEP 8 Attach Lining to corset

To attach the lining of the corset, first ensure the right sides of the corset and the corset lining are together. Now stitch the top and bottom of the corset and the corset lining together. The shoulder straps should be sewn inside of the corset. Next, turn the corset right side out.

STEP 9 Install the Zipper

Pin the zipper to the raw edges of the corset. Now, baste the zipper. Next finish the zipper with a straight stitch.

STEP 10 Neckpiece

Fold the piece of cuff fabric by 1/2.” Press the cuff fabric.

STEP 11 Sew Tulle and Lace

Next, pin together the pieces of tulle and lace. Using the longest stitch length on your machine, sew 2 parallel rows of stitching to form your gathers. Hold the fabric on the left side with your left hand and hold the two ends of the thread on the right side of the fabric with your right hand. Gently pull your hands apart to gather the fabric and form ruffles. Now hold the fabric on the right side with your right hand and hold the two ends of the thread on the left side of the fabric with your left hand and repeat.

STEP 12 Pin Neckpiece to Cuff

Pin the neckpiece to the cuff making sure to catch all of the pieces of lace and tulle fabric.

STEP 13 Baste Stitching

Baste the neckpiece to the cuff, and then stitch them together.

STEP 14 Cuff Edges Stitching

Fold the right sides of the cuff together. Stitch the edges of the cuffs together, clipping the corners in the process. Next turn each end right side out.

STEP 15 Top Stitching

Press the cuff and topstitch the raw edges of lace and tulle together.

STEP 16 Install Buttons

Hand stitch a button using a buttonhole foot on the neckpiece.

STEP 17 Pants

Take the pant pattern pieces and pin both sides of the raw fabric. Leave a 4” opening on both outer seams of the pant pieces.

STEP 18 Lower Edges Of Pants

Press the seams and open the lower edges of the pants. Create a narrow hem on the lower edges of the pants and press the seams.

STEP 19 Pant Cuffs

Follow step 10 above, to begin creating the pant cuffs.

STEP 20 Attach Tulle And Lace To cuff

Pin the gathered lace and tulle to each pant cuff and stitch them together. See steps 11-15 above, for more guidance.

STEP 21 Attach Hooks And Eyes To Cuff

Press each cuff with their right sides together. Pin 1 side of each cuff to the bottom of each pant leg. Next, fold the free edge of each cuff and enclose the raw edge of each pant leg and stitch. Add 2 hooks and eyes to each cuff to close them.

STEP 22 Finishing Of Pants

To finish the pants, place 1 pant leg inside the other with their right sides together and stitch them. Measure and cut a 2" elastic piece, 3 inches smaller than your waist measurement. Sew this elastic piece to the top of the waistband leaving 1" of space from the edge. Now, fold it over and stitch the casing to enclose the elastic.

STEP 23 Wrist Cuffs

To create the wrist cuffs follow steps 10-15, and 20-21 above. Congratulations, you have completed your very own clown costume.

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