DIY Linen Button Down Dress Sewing Tutorial

DIY Linen Button Down Dress Sewing Tutorial

DIY Linen Button Down Dress Sewing Tutorial

There is no denying that summer heat is coming, and the only saving grace is linen dresses. Breezy and breathable, you can throw one on so you're quickly out the door and off to the beach, park, wherever! Pair linen with a fun, bright color: a summer dream.

This dress pattern is based off of the Butterick B6333, selection A pattern. The B6333 is a classic shirt dress that is sleeveless with a collar, pleated skirt, and a tie waist. These three design features were altered in this garment. This tutorial shows you how to alter the design to swap:

  • A collar for a v-neck
  • The pleated skirt with tie waist for a ruched one
  • Sleeveless shoulders for a flounce sleeve

The other notable changes made were spacing the buttons out less, and stopping them higher up on the skirt for a more modern look, as well as adding length to the dress and including side slits for better movement in the skirt. Check out the instructions below to learn how to alter the B6333 into the perfect linen button down dress.



    6-8 hours




    1. Start by cutting out the pattern pieces for pattern A. You will not need pieces 5, 15, 16, or 17 (pieces for the original sleeve, collar, and belt). You will need to alter pieces 8, 9, and 14 to be 8" longer than the original pattern. You will additionally need to cut out two sleeve pieces and a piece of lining for the neck, but these will be done later. Save any excess fabric. From the fusible interfacing, you will only need to cut out piece 14.

    2. Follow the pattern instructions from 1 through 6 to attach the fusible interfacing to piece 14 and create the bodice. Once you complete the bodice, try it on and mark around the arm hole and along the shoulders so that the edge of the fabric does not come passed your shoulder. Cut the fabric along the marks.
    3. Skip steps 7 through 18. Instead, take your excess fabric and fold a section of it into a square with four layers of fabric. Measure around the arm hole you have created and divide that by 6.28. Take your measurement and measure from the corner of the fabric out as a radius to make a 1/4 circle. From that 1/4 circle, measure another 4" away and draw another 1/4" circle. Cut along these lines. Unfold the fabric once to display a semi circle. Again, take your pencil and taper the circle from the 4" width to a 1 1/2" width at the bottom. Make another piece just like this to create two sleeves.

    4. To attach your sleeves to the dress, turn the bodice right side out and line up the sleeve pieces with the thick side at the shoulder seam and the thin side at the bottom. Sew along the edges of the sleeve about 1/4" from the edge of the fabric to connect them. Press the seam to the inside of the dress. Roll the edges of the sleeve to create a hem and sew very close to the edge of the fabric.
    5. Now that the sleeves are done, you can move back to the pattern instructions for the skirt. Skip step 19 and complete step 20. Instead of making pleats, take the skirt and sew along the top edge (shorter edge) two long seams without back stitching. Pull two of the four threads while holding the other two to gather the fabric to match the length of the bodice.

    6. Continue with the pattern completing step 22, 25, 26, and 27 to add the pockets.

    7. Complete step 28 to connect the skirt to the bodice.

    8. The next change to the pattern is creating the v-neck. Draw a line from the notch made in piece 1 to the seam on the collar of the dress. Repeat on the other piece 1. Cut along those edges to create a v. NOTE: If you wish the v-neck to be higher, try on the dress and decide where to cut the v shape above the notch.
    9. To complete the v-neck, measure around the neck and cut out a 1" strip of fabric to the same length. Pin the fabric all the way around the neckline on top of the outside of the fabric and sew 1/4" from the edge. Fold the fabric to the inside of the dress, press with an iron, and then sew along the edge again to keep it in place.

    10. Continue with the pattern for step 29. When it comes to step 30, instead of attaching it perfectly aligned with the v-neck, pull piece 14 up about 1/2" over the V. You may have some excess fabric from piece 14 extending passed the skirt of the dress. Trim the bottom to align with the bottom of the skirt. Continue with the instructions for step 30.

    11. Complete step 31 instructions for the top AND bottom of piece 14 to create a nice finish in both places. Complete steps 31 and 32.
    12. Skip steps 34 through 40.
    13. Complete steps 41 and 42, lining up the buttons only 2" apart.

    You Are All Set! Enjoy!


    This Tutorial was created by Julia Bleck of Bunny Baubles Blog

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