DIY Faux Leather Placemats and Plaid Napkins for Holiday Table Tutorial

DIY Faux Leather Placemats and Plaid Napkins for Holiday Table Tutorial

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DIY Faux Leather Placemats and Plaid Napkins for a Holiday Table

Everyone around the world is looking for a little holiday spirit in 2020. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the winter season, there is no denying that the party revolves around the dining table! Putting together a beautiful tablescape for the holidays can seem a little daunting, but with a few seasonal additions, your normal dishes can look perfectly festive.

The Fall and Winter seasons beg for a cozy feel inside while it's getting colder outside. In order to give it that warmth we all love so much, don your table in rich materials like faux leather placemats, warm-hued plaid napkins, and candles. Using some greenery along the center of the table provides texture and life, but is low profile and doesn't interfere with conversations across the table.

The best part about this table? Almost ALL of these items are DIY projects! The placemats are made from terracotta dotted stretch vinyl, and the napkins were made using madras plaid cotton fabric. Take a look at the easy tutorial below.

Supplies: (makes 6 placemats and 6 napkins):


2-3 hours




  1. Start by making the placemats. Each placemat will be a 15" diameter circle. Create a perfect circle by measuring out a 15" x 15" square and locate the center at 7.5". Using your measuring tape, measure 7.5" from the center point and make marks all around it to create a circle. Cut out the circles.

    step 1
  2. Take each circle and sew a seam 1/4" from the edge of the fabric. Once you have completed this, sew another circle just inside the first one about 1/8" from the first. Repeat for each placemat.

    step 2
  3. To create the napkins, cut out six 24" x 24" rectangles of fabric. At each corner, cut off a small triangle, about 1" from the corner of the square. Then, fold the edge of the fabric over about 3/8" and iron it down. Repeat on all sides. Repeat the folding and ironing again once more all the way around. Pin the sides down.

    step 3a

    step 3b
  4. Sew along the folded edges of the fabric to secure. Repeat on each napkin.

You're all set!

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