Things To Keep in Mind When Sewing Your Own Face Masks

Things To Keep in Mind When Sewing Your Own Face Masks

Before you begin to sew your own face mask, you will want to determine factors such as what pattern you want to use and how you want your face mask to fit.
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Looking for a safe, healthy alternative face mask option instead of wearing a disposable one? Before you pick out your favorite fabric design and begin putting it together, there are a few things to keep in mind when sewing your own face masks.

Picking the Right Fabric

It is important to educate yourself on just what fabric will help keep you and everybody around you safe. While yes, no fabric mask will work as well as the medical-grade surgical masks, it has been said that if you use certain fabrics and follow specific standards it can still do the job.

Research has shown that making your mask with two layers of “Quilters Cotton” fabric will do just the job. Here at Fabric Wholesale Direct, we have an array of different cotton knit fabrics available. Visit our website and pick out your favorite one.

Decide If You Want a Filter Pocket

This fabric mask could be used as an addition to a second mask that has a filter, but in other cases, it will be the only mask that protects you while being out in public. If you decide that you don’t want a pocket or don’t need it, that is okay. However, if you do choose to add this feature to your mask, you want to make sure you closely follow the instructions on how to do so.

Pick the Best Pattern for You and Follow It

With having to wear a mask almost everywhere you go in today’s world, it is extremely important that they fit you well and are comfortable. This is not the case for every face mask you will encounter. When picking the pattern, you may need to adjust it to your face so it sits against your skin and doesn’t allow for any gaps.

Once you have picked your pattern, be sure to follow the step-by-step detailed instructions to efficiently construct your custom homemade mask.

Make Sure It Covers All Standards

A mask should cover your mouth and your nose, so make sure this is the case once you finish sewing and putting it together. Additionally, if you are donating this product, make sure they meet the regulations that are set by the place to which you are donating them too.

Face masks are a reality today. If you are looking to spice up the design or are just sick of throwing away the disposable ones, we completely understand. As long as you keep these few things to keep in mind when sewing your own face masks, we’re sure you’ll be able to create one that is perfect for you!

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