Sheeting fabric is soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric that is available in extra wide widths. Sourced or blended from fibers like cotton, polyester, silk, and linen, sheeting fabric is loosely woven in a plain weave. Due to the different manufacturing processes, sheeting fabric can have a range of characteristics. Some sheeting fabric is soft with a high thread count or affordable with a low thread count, some sheeting fabric has a shiny, smooth surface while other sheeting fabric has a matte, textured surface.

Use sheeting fabric to sew homemade, comfortable, and stylish bed sheets or pillowcases. Sheeting fabric can also be for quilting, as quilt backings. Additionally, some sheeting fabrics are inexpensive and can be used for practicing and testing sewing patterns and designs.

Shop sheeting fabric at wholesale prices by the yard, or in bulk by the roll.

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