1. Are you open and still shipping out orders?
    Yes, we are still processing and shipping out orders but at a softened capacity. All orders placed before May 8th are taking up to 30 business days from the day you placed your order up until it arrives to your doorstep. This is an estimate and we are slowly but surely catching up to orders as we return to our normal operations. 
  2. How can I cancel my order?
    You can cancel your order at any time for a full refund so long as the fabric has not been processed and shipped. Due to phone call volumes and wait times being longer than normal, the fastest way to cancel your order without a phone call is through chat or email. When emailing our customer support, so long as you provide your order number and write the word "cancel" in the subject line, we will be able to complete the request within 24-48 hours.
  3. Why was my card charged but my order is still unfulfilled?
    The reason your card is charged is to reserve your quantity and products that you ordered. This way, there will not be an oversell of products as you have reserved yours. In addition, we do not hold any credit card information on file to ensure safety and security for our customers. If we were to charge the card once your order is fulfilled, we would then have to hold your card information for the time being, going against our privacy policy.
  4. Can I make an adjustment to the shipping address or fabric for my express order?
    Once an express order is placed, we unfortunately will not be able to make adjustments. Express orders are processed immediately to ensure it makes the trucks on time for delivery. We apologize for this inconvenience and so we ask that you carefully pick the correct address and fabric when placing your order.
  5. Do you have enough inventory that I am looking for?
    Our inventory on our website is up to date with what we currently carry. We try to keep everything transparent to the best of our abilities. If you are able to add it to your cart, you will be able to order it. However, please keep in mind, there is always a write off for fabric quantity in the textile industry. What this means is that if you ordered the last 5 yards of a specific fabric, those last 5 yards may not be sellable or we may be short. This is due to A) Our cutters are trained to always give an extra few inches when cutting by hand to account for any discrepancies when measuring & B) Manufacture defects that can be at the end of the fabric roll.
  6. My current order of fabrics that are being processed are sold out on the website. Will I still get my order?
    If the quantity of a certain item that you ordered recently is out of stock, your current order is still on its way to be fulfilled. As mentioned earlier, when you place your order and your card is charged, the fabric is then reserved for you. There is however always a chance the fabric may not be fulfilled due to defects or shortage. If this is the case, we would of course contact you first to move forward.
  7. Your website shows processing time from 45-60 days now. However, when I ordered, it said 30 days. Will my order get further delayed?
    If you ordered before May 8th and your requested shipping time frame was 30 business days, your order will not be further delayed. We will still continue to ensure your order is shipped out within the 30 business days as promised. 

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