Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools

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Includes Post & Anvil


Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools is a pack containing a post and anvil, which is used for setting #5 heavy-duty snaps. Made from metal, these snap tools are lightweight, small, and convenient to store or carry. Pair Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools with #5 Heavy Duty Snaps or #105 Western Snaps.

Installing snap fasteners with Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools is simple. For the cap and socket, push the snap post through the face of the fabric, into the anvil tool. Next, position the socket, bowl side up, over the cap post. Finally, hammer the post into the cap post until tight. To install the post and stud, first push the snap post into the backside of the fabric, onto the anvil. After, position the snap stud over the post and fabric. Lastly, hammer the post tool into the snap post until tight. For reversible items, substitute a second snap cap for the snap post when applying the stud.

Use these Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools to install heavy-duty snaps onto apparel, accessories, décor, and gear. Shop Dritz® #5 Heavy Duty Snap Tools online at wholesale prices.

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