YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zipper

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Aluminum Hardware, Polyester Tape
1-1/8 inches (Total Width), 9/16 inches (Tape Width)
Keep Zippers Closed; Machine Wash; Tumble Dry; Iron Under 320° F
Closed-End Zipper
Flat-Lock Pull


YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are a type of zipper that is available in 7 or 9-inch lengths and features aluminum coils with a stopper at the end to keep the zipper from coming apart. The aluminum coils used on YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are 5.8 millimeters in width when closed, and display an 11/16-inch by 5/16-inch aluminum-coated enamel pull that is centered on the slider. The zipper pull also has a flat-lock which helps prevent unwanted unzipping during use.

Furthermore, each zipper comes with an aluminum stopper that keeps the pull from coming off of the metallic coil and prevents the zipper from becoming separated. All of this aluminum hardware is securely attached to easy-to-clean and colorful, polyester tape. Each side of the tape measures 9/16 of an inch, but when YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are zipped closed, the tape has a combined width of 1 & 1/8 inches. YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are a small to medium sized zipper that weigh approximately 0.32 ounces at 7-inches, or 0.4 ounces at 9-inches, and both can be used for a variety of applications.

YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are the perfect addition to your next apparel or accessory project! From jeans and dress pants to uniforms and dresses, YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers are versatile and can be used in a variety of garments that don’t need to be opened all the way. Also, these zippers can be used to replace the worn-out zippers on the pockets of your favorite clothes. Furthermore, YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers can be added to accessories like purses, luggage, sleeves, boots, and bookbags. Get the best deals and shop for YKK #5 Aluminum Closed End Jean Zippers online at wholesale prices today!

Care Instructions

It is recommended to keep the zipper closed when it is not in use. Machine wash the zipper closed, on a low-temperature setting. When drying, tumble dry the zipper closed, at temperatures less than 320° F. Lastly, zippers can be ironed under 320° F. For extra precaution, place a piece of fabric between the zipper and the iron.

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