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Halloween is right around the corner! What way to better celebrate the spooky season than to cosplay Blair.  This character is from the anime Soul Eater. Casey Nichole Cosplay loved working on this cosplay. Her favorite part is how over the top the skirt was, having the wire inside the skirt really helped keep its shape and give it an animated look. 



  • 7 yards of 60” Black Poplin
  • 1 yard of 60” White Poplin
  • Stainless Steel 34 Gauge Wire
  • Flat Back Pearls
  • Hot Glue/ Hot Glue gun
  • Tape
  • 14” invisible black zipper
  • Sew- On Snaps
  • Old sleeve from shirt
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Simplicity Pattern 8286


25 hours




  1. Cut out bodysuit pattern from Simplicity 8286. Trace this on a mock piece of fabric. Testing on a mock fabric helps better understand how it will fit and can make easy adjustment before cutting on the final piece. 

  2. Measure where the pattern hits your waist and make a mark and cut.  You now have the pattern for the top part of the dress!
  3. Fold Black Poplin in half to show fold on one side only. Pin pieces onto Black Poplin.  Be sure to have a fold for your front piece and collar. Then cut the pieces TWICE so that you have (2) copies of the front and back pieces.

  4. Find the front and back piece and pin together.
  5. Sew ¼” down the seam line for both the front and back piece
  6. Iron seam until they lay flat
  7. Connect the front and back piece and sew side ¼” and press seams.
  8. Line up the right side facing up and the wrong side facing up and lay over top each other
  9. Sew ½” the arm hole only
  10. Make small cuts in the curve of seam. Be sure NOT to cut all the way through to where you sewed the seam
  11. Flip right side out and iron
  12. Take your collar and fold it in half and iron it
  13. Sew ½” to the top and iron flat
  14. Create Circle Skirt Mock Pattern. Use this circle skirt calculator
  15. Add triangles to the bottom edge of the skirt
  16. Cut off access if needed
  17. Trace mock pattern to Black Poplin and cut. MAKE SURE TO DO THIS TWICE (like we did with the top)
  18. Take your mock circle skirt pattern and cut a strip. Pin and sew to the inside of skirt on only (1 out of the 2) skirts 
  19. Pin both of the skirt pieces together and sew along triangles. You have now created a home for the wire, this will make the skirt it’s shape
  20. Pin both of the skirt pieces together and sew along triangles.
  21. Draw triangles onto White Poplin fabric
  22. Sew along the edge as close as you can
  23. Flip it right side out and sew onto skirt
  24. Top stitch black and white triangles on the bottom of the skirt
  25. Hot glue the flat back pearls to the white triangles on the skirt
  26. Pin and sew ¼” skirt to top
  27. Iron and press seams
  28. Add the wire to the channel on the inside of the skirt. Tape wire together and hand sew the rest of the skirt together
  29. Sew invisible zipper and add sew-on snaps if needed
  30. Use and old sleeve shirt to create mock up and cut a separate piece thats 12”x8”
  31. Place the pattern piece on fold and cut out 4x.
  32. Place pieces on top of each other wrong side facing up and sew along the edge. Be sure to leave an opening to turn it right side out

  33. Top stitch the edges and connect the sleeve and long fabric and sew!

And now you are done with the dress and sleeves. Now time to move onto the hat, boots, and wig.

Blair Pattern and tutorial can be found on Tiffany Gordon Cosplay Page 

 Wig was styled by Casey Nichole Cosplay using Epic Cosplay Wigs using

For the boots, Casey created her own pattern by tracing her leg and cutting and sewing onto pantyhose.  For the pointy part of the shoe, she stuffed it with polyfill to keep its shape 

Spazzer-Bot did a great tutorial on how to attach the stocking to pantyhose, check out post here

ALL DONE! Be sure to give Casey Nichole Cosplay on her instagram @caseynichole_cosplay

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