DIY Cat Girl Cosplay Tutorial

DIY Cat Girl Cosplay Tutorial

Cat girls in Anime have been a cosplay staple since the early 2000's and its a cosplay trend that will never die. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to live out those cosplay streams using some amazing quality fabric to get there!



11 hours




  1. Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements for the Corset, arm sleeves, and skirt. Interface corset pieces at this step.

  2. Starting with the bodice line up the corset pieces and stitch them together following the pattern instructions.

  3. Repeat step 2 for the corset lining

  4. Press open the corset lining seams to form boning channels.

  5. Cut strips of polyester boning leaving a 1/2 inch space on the top of side channels and 2" on bust channels. Slowly stitch boning to the corset.

  6. Pin lace trim to the top edge of fashion corset layer then pin corset lining to fashion layer right sides together and stitch.

  7. Turn corset right side out to reveal lace trim and press to set the stitches.

  8. Next, you will install the grommets and eyelets, you may add lace trim for added decoration of this piece.

  9. To make the corset triangles I cut out 8 pieces 10" by 11 1'2" for the front triangles and back triangles that at 10" by 22".

  10. Pin triangles right sides together and stitch them together. Turn them right sides out and press to flatten the stitch. Add a straight topstitch down the middle of each triangle.

  11. Pin triangles to corset right sides together and stitch

  12. Once complete your corset should look like this.

  13. To create your sleeves attach lace trim to the top and bottom of your sleeve pieces and sew them right sides together. Then on both edges zig-zag the elastic trips in place to gather the sleeves.

  14. Repeat step 13 for the leg garter adding a 1/2" elastic band in the middle of the garter piece.

  15. For the choker, accessory sew lace trim to the top and bottom and fold over and stitch. To close it sew a matching ribbon to either side and tack on using a straight stitch.

  16. Your corset and accessories should look like this.

  17. To make the skirt pin your skirt pieces right sides together and sew them together at the side seams.

  18. After this hem the bottom of the skirt and press.

  19. To create the waistband sew the top edge at 1 1'2" leaving a small space to insert the elastic. Once the elastic has been inserted sew the elastic pieces together and then sew the opening shut.

  20. To create the tail bow cut 2 rectangles out of the burgundy silk and stitch them together right sides facing each other. Leave a small opening to turn the bow right side out.

  21. Slip stitch the opening and wrap red thread around the center of the bow. To embellish use a charm and sew it to the center hiding the thread. Use a safety pin to attach the bow to your tail.

After this your cat costume is complete! Ask your best friends to grab some fabric so that they can cosplay with you!

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