DIY Flouncy Asymmetric Hem Dress

DIY Flouncy Asymmetric Hem Dress

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A DIY Flouncy Asymmetric Hem Dress Sewing Tutorial

Hello everyone! This tutorial will show you how to make simple dress with a flouncy asymmetric hem. This dress was made using Silk Dupioni. Fabrics made with silk are great because they are natural, breathable and comfortable on the skin, yet they look very luxurious.



First you will need a basic bodice pattern that fits you. You can made the neckline and armhole however you wish. Place the front and the back on the fabric fold and cut it out. Leave a seam allowance of 1” because there will be a side zipper

Now you need a basic A-line skirt pattern. This is how you can draft one. Cut two of these out by placing it on fold. One for the front and one for the back.

Now you will need a neck and armhole facing. Just place each bodices on a fabric fold and cut it out like the picture below:

Face the right sides together and sew along the armhole and neckline. Now turn the facing right sides out and do an edge stitch to keep the facings down. I also hemmed the raw edges of the facing to keep it clean. You can serge it or use a bias binding.

Using this method also allows the shoulder seams to look clean from the inside. You can do this by turning one side inside out and putting the other shoulder through it and sewing around it. It may take a little trial and error to figure which part to turn inside out but the results look great! Watching the video demonstration might help with this part.

Sew the right side seam and do the same for the skirt. Now you can attach the bodice to the skirt. Attach the zipper to the side. You can leave the dress as is or add the next steps.

For the flouncy hem you need to cut a circle with a hole. Make sure the hole circumference is big enough for the length you’ll use on the dress. First fold a piece of fabric in half two times. I measured how much space the flounce would take up on the dress and divided that by four. I made sure that the inner curve I would cut would be a little bigger than that number. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle. You just need a curvy shape to give a nice flounce.

Now cut one part of the circle and pin it where you want it and then flip it over and sew it on. This can go anywhere. I just put it at an angle.

Lastly hem all the raw edges. It helps to pin it in place first with bias fabrics like the flounce. It helps to finish the inside raw edges of dress as well by serging, using bias tape or another method to ensure longevity of your dress!


Still Need Help? Follow along with the DIY video tutorial below...

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