1 & 1/4” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic

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Rubber, Polyester
1.25 inches
1.55 mm
60% Horizontal
Machine Wash, Cold; Tumble Dry, Low
Sold By The Yard


1 & 1/4” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic is a durable, medium-width, and stretchy notion that can be added to accessories, décor, or clothing to make them stretch and fit perfectly. Sourced from a blend of polyester and rubber, 1 & ¼” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic can stretch up to 60% horizontally from its original size, repeatedly without it losing elasticity. Furthermore, this type of elastic is called non-roll, meaning it does not get narrow or fold when it is stretched out. Measuring 1.25 inches wide, 1 & 1/4” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic weighs 0.84 ounces per linear yard, is 1.55 millimeters thick, and comes in two bold colors, black and white. Unlike other elastics, this one does not lose stretch or resiliency when it is sewn onto fabric, and it is sold by the yard.

Add 1 & 1/4” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic to heavyweight or thick fabrics to make them comfortable and fit perfectly. Add 1 & 1/4” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic to waistbands, leg bands, sleeves, or cuffs. Additionally, make accessories fit better by adding 1” Flat Non-Roll Woven Elastic onto items like belts and suspenders. Furthermore, add this elastic to items like vehicle and BBQ covers to make them close better.

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Care Instructions

This elastic can be machine washed and tumble-dried at low temperatures.

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