Dritz® Size 4 (16mm) Sew-On Snaps - 4 Pack

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4 Count


Dritz® Size 4 (16mm) Sew-On Snaps are medium to large-sized snap fasteners that are used to hold overlapping edges of fabric together. Measuring approximately 16 millimeters or 5/8 inches in diameter, Dritz® Size 4 (16mm) Sew-On Snaps are sourced from brass and come in a pack of 4, which contains a total of 4 balls and 4 sockets. These snap fasteners are fast and easy to install and require no additional tools – just sew each piece directly onto opposite edges of fabric, and then snap the two pieces together. Furthermore, Dritz® Size 4 (16mm) Sew-On Snaps are rust-resistant and can also withstand repeated use over time. 

Use Dritz® Size 4 (16mm) Sew-On Snaps to hold open and close pieces of fabric on accessories, apparel, gear, and decor. These medium to large metallic snap buttons can be added to items like children’s clothing, jackets, tents, knapsacks, and more.

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