Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen

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100% Polyester W/ Vinyl Coating
60/61 inches
360 GSM
0.68 mm
Spot Clean Only
15x10 Holes Per Square Inch


Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen is a thick but pliable, heavy-duty, and see-through textile. Sourced from 100% polyester woven fibers, this material is further coated with PVC, polyvinyl chloride, which makes each strand thick, smooth textured, and durable; in fact, this mesh is considered 7 times stronger than standard fiberglass screen, meaning it will withstand debris from storms and wind, in addition to resisting dents, creases, unraveling, scratches, chewing, and bites from pets. Furthermore, Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen features a makeup of 15 by 10 holes per square inch, which allows for keeping out insects, breathability, and outward visibility. Measuring 60/61 inches wide, this material is 0.68 millimeters thick, has a 360 GSM, and weighs approximately 12.2 ounces per square yard.

Use Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen for a variety of applications. Create strong, and pet-resistant window screens and screen doors. Furthermore, add a doggie or pet door to your existing sliding screen door, create animal enclosures, or pet-proof pool, patio, or sunroom enclosures. Durable and smooth textured, Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen, can also be used to craft stylish upholstery for furniture like chairs and chaise lounges.

Sold by the yard, or in bulk by the roll, shop Ottertex® 15x10 Vinyl Coated Pet Mesh Screen online at wholesale prices today!

Care Instructions

Brush or wipe any residue. Spray with a mild cleaning solution and gently wipe the fabric clean. Rinse with water and allow the fabric to fully air dry.

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