YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zipper

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Bright White

Matching Thread & Zipper


Brass Hardware, Polyester Tape
1-1/8 inches (Total Width), 9/16 inches (Tape Width)
Keep Zippers Closed; Machine Wash; Tumble Dry; Iron Under 320° F
Closed End Zipper
Flat-Lock Pull


YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers are a type of brass-coiled zipper that comes in 7 or 9-inch lengths and feature a brass stopper at the closed end. The brass coils on YKK  #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers measure 5.8 millimeters wide when zipped shut and display an 11/16-inch by 5/16-inch brass-coated enamel pull that is centered on the slider. This zipper pull features a flat lock which helps prevent unwanted unzipping from tension.

Furthermore, on the bottom of each zipper, there is a brass stopper that prevents each side of the zipper from completely separating when unzipped. The brass hardware on YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers is secured to colorful polyester tape that is durable and easy to clean. The tape on each side of the zipper measures 9/16 of an inch, so the total width of the closed zipper is 1 & 1/8 inches. These small to medium-sized YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers weigh approximately 0.54 ounces at 7-inches, and 0.63 ounces at 9-inches.

Complete your next apparel or accessory project with a #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zipper! Add YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers to a variety of garments like jeans, dress pants, uniforms, dresses, and pockets on clothes. Also, these zippers can be used to replace similar worn-out zippers on your favorite clothes. Lastly, YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers can be added to accessories like purses, luggage, sleeves, boots, and bookbags. Shop YKK #5 Brass Closed End Jean Zippers online at wholesale prices!

Care Instructions

It is recommended to keep the zipper closed when it is not in use. Machine wash the zipper closed, on a low-temperature setting. When drying, tumble dry the zipper closed, at temperatures less than 320° F. Lastly, zippers can be ironed under 320° F. For extra precaution, place a piece of fabric between the zipper and the iron.

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