YKK #5 Brass Separating Zipper

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Brass Hardware, Polyester Tape
1-1/8 inches (Total Width), 9/16 inches (Tape Width)
Tape Width:
9/16 inches
Keep Zippers Closed; Machine Wash; Tumble Dry; Iron Under 320° F
Open-End Zipper
Auto-Locking Pull
Left-Sided Insert


YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers are separating, auto-locking zippers available in 30 or 36-inch lengths with brass coils that measure 5.8 millimeters wide when zipped closed. These zippers are inserted from the left side and feature a 1-inch by ¼-inch brass pull on the right side. YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers are open-end zippers, which means the zippers completely separate from each other when unzipped. These zippers are also auto-locking so they can only be closed and opened using the pull, or slider, to help prevent unwanted unraveling. The slider on YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers is made from brass-coated enamel, which gives the zippers a weight of approximately 1.7 ounces at 30 inches, or 2 ounces at 36 inches. The colorful fabric tape on these medium-sized zippers is made from durable, easy-to-clean polyester fibers, and measures 9/16 inches in width on one side, or a combined 1 & 1/8 inches when zipped.

Add #5 Brass Separating Zippers to a variety of garments. Use YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers to complete apparel such as hoodies, sweatshirts, knitwear, uniforms, and more. Also, use YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers to replace old, worn-out zippers on your favorite apparel. Furthermore, these zippers can also be attached to outdoor apparel like jackets, coats, and windbreakers. Shop YKK #5 Brass Separating Zippers online at wholesale prices today!

Care Instructions

It is recommended to keep the zipper closed when it is not in use. Machine wash the zipper closed, on a low-temperature setting. When drying, tumble dry the zipper closed, at temperatures less than 320° F. Lastly, zippers can be ironed under 320° F. For extra precaution, place a piece of fabric between the zipper and the iron.

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