Layered Chiffon Maternity Dress

Layered Chiffon Maternity Dress

A DIY Layered Chiffon Maternity Dress Tutorial

I love to make this type of gown for my clients and their maternity photographs. There are so many options for color combinations but the soft pastels such as white or cream work best. Here I used a white ITY top with white and peach chiffon to make a long flowing gown. The top is a basic bandeau. I also like to use a pattern I drafted myself that is 10 inches wide in the front center then gradually narrows down to 4 inches in the back where the seam is.



                                             Direction of stretch

I stitch both the right end pieces of ITY jersey knit together with a stretch fabric stitch on the top of the bust line, open up, and fold the right ends together (back seam) making a tube. Then I open it up and fold down on the first stitch I ran (wrong sides together). There I run a stretch stich over the top seam as a top stitch to reinforce it.

For the skirt, it is two half circle skirts with the seam in the front center and back center. I like to make a long train for this dress so I find 7 yards of each fabric is perfect. Here is how to cut one layer:


Place the fabric down folded in half.

                  Raw Cut Edges             Fold

Since my fabric was 59” wide from the bottom left I measured 59” and taped my measuring tape on the floor to use it as a guide as I cut a 59” long curved edge. Here you can see where the measuring tape is pinned in and where the cut is on the fabric.         


I then cut out the waist. Since it is for maternity wear, I need to cut the waist large enouge to easily fit a wide range of sizes. I find that a 14” radius works perfect. I used the same pinned measuring tape technique for the waist cut out as well. I then run a cut along the folded edge to open the front of the gown so the model can show off her maternity belly. 


 I stitch the back seam together with a 4 thread serger and run a 3 thread rolled hem along the dresses hem. I then start pinning the two layer chiffon skirt to the ity jersey knit top




I serger the top to the skirt pulling the ity knit top to stretch out and fit the chiffon bottom




Then you are done! And you have made a beautiful two layer chiffon maternity dress.




This project/post was made by designer, store owner and dear friend Rebecca Chaves. Check out her Etsy online store, J and L Designs Boutique

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