Spandex fabric is a collection of stretchy, durable, and smooth fabrics. Spandex, an anagram of “expands,” is manufactured by spinning a polymer solution derived from THF into fibers, which are then rolled onto spools. These fibers are cylindrical in shape and able to stretch up to five times from their original size, which makes Spandex fabric soft, smooth, and elastic. Additionally, since it is made from materials similar to plastic, Spandex fabric is known for being durable and having the ability to continuously stretch without causing any damage to the fabric. Woven or knit, Spandex fabrics usually contain blends of other fibers to increase those fibers stretching abilities. With a comfortable texture, durable composition, and the ability to stretch, Spandex fabric is commonly used for a variety of fashionable applications.

Use Spandex fabric to sew chic and comfortable apparel. When used in clothing, Spandex fabric increases the garment’s pressure comfort, creating a snug feeling and shape-enhancing appearance. Make stylish, body-contouring apparel like dresses, shirts, leggings, and shorts. Tighter fitting clothes allow for increased mobility; make comfortable athletic wear, dancewear, and uniforms with Spandex fabric. Furthermore, use Spandex fabric to craft undergarments like stockings, socks, and lingerie.
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