Moisture Wicking fabric is a group of fabrics that share quick drying and water repellent characteristics. Generally sourced from synthetic fibers, Moisture wicking fabrics can be woven or knit into a variety of different styles that feature bright colors or intricate patterns. While synthetically made fabrics are hydrophobic, true Moisture Wicking fabrics additionally use capillary action to molecularly draw moisture upwards. In other words, this fabric not only repels liquids, but it also uses gravity to move the moisture away from what is underneath the material.

Use Moisture Wicking fabric to create stylish apparel. Sew clothing for working out like leggings, yoga pants, shirts, shorts, and more with these fabrics. Furthermore, Moisture Wicking fabric can be used to craft comfortable undergarments and lingerie. Lastly, make quick drying swimwear, bikinis, and swim trunks by using Moisture Wicking fabric.

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