Net fabric is breathable, durable, and sheer fabric made with open spaces between each yarn. Extruded, knit, or woven, Net fabric is made with any combination of cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, and spandex fibers. Net fabric can be further treated to be waterproof, mold resistant, and mildew resistant for multiple outdoor applications. Stylish and elegant, Net fabric is available in a variety of colors and textures. Also, Net fabric can have additional ornaments or patterns embroidered onto the fabric itself.

Net fabric is a versatile fabric with many applications. Use Net fabric to sew apparel and accessories like veils, dresses, shirts, and tutus, or for lining garments. Additionally, decors like curtains, mosquito netting, and bedding can be made from Net fabric. Lastly, use heavy duty Net fabric for commercial applications like fishing and shipping cargo.

Net fabric is always sold at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll.

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