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Interfacing fabric is a woven or bonded fabric that can be used as an additional layer to line garments and make them stiff, strong, and non-stretch. Manufactured from fibers like cotton or polyester, interfacing fabric can be sewable or created with an additional iron-on, fusible backing for easy, sew-less application without any hassle. When cutting, interfacing fabric bonded from synthetic materials, it has the added benefit of not fraying. Interfacing fabric is available in a variety of colors, and styles.
Use interfacing fabric for lining garments and decors.

Interfacing fabric can be used to stiffen other fabrics and add body to garments, like in shirt collars and cuffs, or even décor such as curtains. Additionally, interfacing fabric can be used to add strength in applications of fabric. For example, use interfacing fabric for quilting and when crafting grommets, buttonholes, or face masks. Lastly, interfacing fabric can be used to make fabric less stretchy and easier to sew.

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