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Poplin Fabric is a smooth and durable type of fabric. Woven in a tight, plain weave style, Poplin has an even texture and can withstand everyday use better than most other fabrics due to its close-woven, 1-over-1 weave. Poplin fabric is made from a variety of fibers like cotton or polyester, and these fabrics generally tend to be medium to lightweight and take dyes well. Poplin Fabric tends to have a light, airy drape and can be found in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns.

Use Poplin Fabric to craft stylish and fashionable apparel. Elegance, easy care, and colorful designs are all reasons Poplin makes for an excellent shirting fabric. Create professional, casual, and formal shirts with this fabric. Additionally, take advantage of Poplin Fabric’s airy drape and make loose, airy clothing like dresses, skirts, and pajamas. Poplin Fabrics are also popularly used in event decorations such as table covers and table runners. Shop Poplin by the yard at wholesale prices today!
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