Bias Tape is a stretchy and shape conforming, thin strip of fabric used primarily to finish the raw edges of fabric. There are two types of Bias Tape, single-fold and double-fold. Single-fold Bias Tape comes with its edges pressed under the tape, both edges meet in the middle, and there are a total of two creases. On the other hand, double-fold Bias Tape follows a similar pattern, but the edges are pressed twice, and there are a total of four creases. Generally speaking, double-fold tape is wider than single-fold tape; however, all Bias Tape is available in a variety of widths, lengths, and colors.

Use Bias Tape to give your sewing, quilting, or other crafts a clean, finished look. Single-fold Bias tape is generally used for decorations and finishing smaller edges on the underside of projects. Apply Double-sided Bias Tape to hems, necklines, and quilt edges. That being said you can easily replace single-fold Bias Tape with double-fold Bias Tape and vice versa. Shop Bias Tape online at wholesale prices for your next fabric project!
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