Activewear fabric is a form-fitting, insulating, and breathable fabric that is used for sportswear or loungewear. Woven or knit, Activewear fabric is made from a blend of cotton, rayon, polyester, or nylon, and spandex fibers. Easily washable, Activewear fabric is known for being stretchy, moisture wicking, and temperature regulating. Furthermore, Activewear is available in a variety of chic styles, vibrant colors, and with detailed patterns. 

Activewear fabric is stylish and comfortable, and it can be used to sew many types of apparel. Use Activewear fabric to craft sportswear such as yoga pants, wet suits, dance wear, leotards, and sports jerseys to name a few examples. Additionally, make loungewear like tracksuits, hoodies, and t-shirts with Activewear fabric. Activewear fabric is easy to care for, and keeps the wearer dry and warm in the cold, or cool when it's hot.

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