Jacquard fabric is defined as an elegant textile with detailed patterns woven into the fabric itself. Made in any style like damask, brocade, or velvet, jacquard fabric is manufactured using a jacquard loom and can be made from any fiber such as silk, cotton, or metallic yarns. Due to the broad range of different jacquard fabrics, their characteristics can range from soft to coarse in texture, stretchy or non-stretchy, and having a flowy or stiff drape when hung. Jacquard fabric is known for its intricate, sometimes double-sided weave patterns, a few being floral, paisley, and striped.

Jacquard fabric is versatile and can be used for SEW many luxurious apparel or décor projects. Dresses, suits, and jackets are just some examples of garments that can be made with jacquard fabric. Additionally, use jacquard fabric to craft curtains, sheets, and upholstery.

Jacquard fabric is sold by the yard or in bulk by the roll. Buy jacquard fabric online at wholesale prices today!
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