Metallic fabric is a shiny and durable group of textiles that are woven from metallic, or metallic polyester threads. Historically, these fabrics were sourced from real metals, like gold or silver, which were drawn into wires and wrapped around existing fibers to make threads for sewing. With the advancement of technology and the discovery of plastics, synthetic metallic threads were invented, making Metallic fabric more affordable and widely available. Metallic fabric is found in a variety of shiny colors and can feature bold patterns and designs, sometimes woven into the fabric itself.

Use Metallic fabric to create eye-catching accessories, apparel, or decor. Sew clothing like costumes, suits, dresses, handbags, table covers, and even upholstery for furniture.

Shop Metallic Fabric online at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll.
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