Silk fabric is a collection of luxurious fabrics that are shiny, soft, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating. Natural and hypoallergenic, Silk fabric is sourced from fibrous, insect cocoons, which are then brushed and wound on a reel to form yarns and threads. The fibers themselves have flat sides that reflect light, giving Silk fabric a lustrous appearance and smooth, silky-soft texture. That being said, the texture of Silk can vary slightly, some fabrics can be more crisp, coarse, smooth, or soft; it all depends on how many times the yarns are twisted, and how the fabric is woven or knit. Additionally, the low thermal conductivity of Silk fabric traps heat and prevents it from passing through the fabric. However, due to the fibrous nature of Silk, the fabric is absorbent and quick drying, meaning that in addition to being insulating, it also prevents overheating. These characteristics of Silk fabric allow it to be used for a variety of apparel and décor applications.

An elegant fabric, use Silk fabric to craft apparel and decors. Make breathtaking, lustrous dresses, gowns, suits, and even ties for weddings, parties, and other formal events. Additionally, use Silk to create comfortable garments like blouses, lingerie, pajamas, and more. Printed Silk and Embroidered SIlk fabric can also be used to make stylish and soft decors like curtains, upholstery for furniture, and bedding. Shop Silk fabric by the yard, or in bulk by the roll, online at wholesale prices today!
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