Grommets are ring-shaped objects used for reinforcing holes or edges on fabrics, leathers, and metals. Made from materials like metal or plastic, Grommets come in a variety of diameters and colors. Sometimes they may even come in irregular shapes like ovals, squares, or rectangles. Some types of Grommets require tools to install, while other kinds are snap-together and do not require additional materials. Generally speaking, Grommets are easy to clean and can be machine washed with the fabric they are attached to. 

Attach Grommets to a variety of apparel and decor projects. Reinforce the edges of textiles by creating a stylish series of grommets called eyelets near the end of a fabric. Additionally, use Grommets to allow cords, cables, or rods to pass through a hole without snagging or damaging the fabric or material; this can be seen with curtains, boots, and knapsacks. Lastly use the Grommets in this collection to replace old, worn-out grommets on canvases and tarps. 

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