Headliner fabric is a stylish material used to insulate, soundproof, and cover the interior roof of automotive vehicles. Sourced from a variety of materials, Headliner fabric is made to be durable in order to withstand everyday wear and tear, changes in temperature, and exposure to light. Additionally, Headliner fabrics are made to be insulating, meaning they help regulate temperature and sound levels. These fabrics are usually thick and medium to heavyweight, but light enough to be glued or sewn onto a variety of upside-down surfaces.

Shop this Headliner fabric collection in a variety of styles and colors. These Headliner fabrics can be used to decorate the interiors of cars, trucks, and other automobiles. Additionally, check out our waterproof Headliner fabrics for Jeeps and other vehicles that have exposed interiors. Headliner fabric is sold online at wholesale prices, and delivered straight to your door!
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