Ripstop fabric is a sturdy, durable outdoor fabric that is resistant to rips and tears. Made from polyester or nylon fibers, ripstop fabric is woven in a plain weave style with thick reinforcement threads also being woven into the fabric. This crosshatch pattern of reinforcement threads allows ripstop fabric to be sturdy, durable, and resistant to rips and tears. Ripstop fabric can be further coated to be waterproof, water repellant, UV resistant, and fireproof.

Ripstop fabric is a heavy-duty, versatile fabric that can be used to craft indoor and outdoor apparel or gear. Pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and tactile uniforms are just some examples of garments that can be made with ripstop fabric. Additionally, use ripstop fabric to sew gear like tents, backpacks, hammocks, kites, and SEW much more. Check out this ripstop fabric hammock sewing tutorial for inspiration.

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