Jute fabric is any fabric manufactured from jute fibers. Woven or knit, this group of natural and hypoallergenic fabrics is sourced by stripping the stems and outer skins of jute plants into fibers. Sustainable and eco-friendly, unlike other fibers jute only requires rainwater and does not need fertilizers and pesticides. Jute fabrics are durable and have a coarse texture, some common styles of jute include burlap, gunny, and canvas. Furthermore, Jute fabrics can be found dyed in bold, matte colors, or treated to be waterproof.

Use Jute fabric for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Craft stylish, sustainable, and eco-friendly apparel with Jute fabric like shirts, pants, and dresses. Additionally, use Jute fabric to sew decors like chair covers, curtains, rugs, and sacks. Shop Jute fabric online at wholesale prices, whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll!
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