Flannel fabric is a group of thick and insulating textiles that feature a soft, raised texture. Originally sourced from wool, today's Flannel fabric is woven from cotton fibers. This means that these fabrics have hypoallergenic and absorbent characteristics. Being absorbent also means that Flannel fabrics take dye well, and the fabric can be found in a variety of colors or with detailed printed patterns. Furthermore, the soft and plush texture of Flannel is achieved through brushing or napping, on one or both sides of the fabric. Brushing means that the Flannel is raised by agitating the face of the fabric, while napping refers to the process of looping yarns through a base fabric and then cutting the loops to produce a fibrous and lifted surface. This plush surface feels soft to the touch and traps heat.

Use Flannel fabric to craft a variety of apparel and décor projects. Lumberjack shirts, skirts, and pajamas are just some of the stylish garments that can be made with this type of fabric. Additionally, create cotton baby clothing from flannel because it causes fewer skin allergies in those with sensitive skin than ones made from synthetic fibers. Lastly, get a good night's rest by sewing stylish, comfortable, and hypoallergenic decor items like bedsheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers with Flannel fabric.

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