Matka fabrics are soft, textured fabrics made from silk fibers. Matka fabrics are tightly woven with thick yarns in a style similar to linen fabric. Woven with 100% natural silk, Matka fabric is hypoallergenic and breathable. Available in multiple colors, Matka fabric can be woven with different colored threads giving an iridescent look to the fabric.

Matka fabric is luxurious and elegant. Easy to sew, Matka fabric can be used for both apparel and décor applications. Some great Matka apparel projects include, dresses, suits, pants, sarees, and SEW much more. Additionally, some Matka fabric décor projects include but are not limited to, upholstery, window treatments, quilting, and bedding.

Offered at competitive wholesale prices, Matka fabric is sold by the yard and in bulk, by the roll.
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