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Muslin fabric is a natural, crisp, and breathable fabric. Woven loosely in a plain weave style, muslin fabric is hypoallergenic and can be made from any natural fibers like cotton, silk, or wool. Differing in weight and texture, not all muslin fabric is created equal. Depending on your needs, muslin fabric can range in weight from lightweight to heavyweight, in texture from smooth to coarse, and color from unbleached to bleached.

Muslin fabric can be used for all types of apparel and décor. Baby swaddles, dresses, jackets, and linings are just some of the garments that can be made with muslin fabric. Additionally, muslin fabric is very affordable and can be used to practice sewing patterns and techniques. Muslin fabric is also great for crafting hobby projects like bed sheets, curtains, and quilting.

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