Suede fabric is an elegant group of fabrics that feature a soft, napped texture on the face. Suede fabrics include both natural and faux suede. Suede is made by separating the underlayer of lamb, goat, or dear skin, then tanning it. On the other hand, faux suedes like microsuede and ultrasuede are woven and then brushed, resulting in a similarly textured fabric that is cruelty-free and easy to clean. Some additional characteristics of suede fabric include its durability, pliability, and delicate drape.

Use Suede fabric to sew stylish apparel and accessories. Craft jackets, gloves, and footwear, with suede fabric. Additionally, make luxurious accessories with Suede fabric like handbags, wallets, and belts. Shop Suede fabric online by the yard at wholesale prices!
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